If you’ve been involved in an Auto Accident, you may be experiencing symptoms of whiplash that can include neck pain, back pain, and headache.

Whiplash is a common injury sustained in motor vehicle accidents. The symptoms of pain and stiffness may not be felt for weeks and even months after the injury. Whiplash results when the head is thrown forward then backward (hyper flexion and extension). This can result in numerous types of injuries. This strain is what we refer to as “soft tissue damage” because your tendons and muscles are soft in comparison to your bones. Soft tissue damage and/or changes include sprain and strain of the muscles in the neck and shoulders which are a result of tears in the muscle filaments. Also, postural ligaments (front and back of the neck) can be injured. Other common injuries that might not be felt immediately are disc injuries. Discs are the cushions between your vertebras.

These injuries can be tears in the fibers of the disc, bulges, and even herniasions. We can properly diagnose these injuries through examination, x-ray, and MRI; and properly treat them before they worsen.

At Seminole Spine, Dr. Herrington treats symptoms of whiplash like neck pain, back pain, headache, and fatigue which allows for a speedy recovery.

Starting January 1, 2013 if you are in a car accident and do not seek medical treatment within 14 days after your accident you loose all your personal injury protection benefits through your auto insurance.

Yes, you heard right. So it will be very important to see a doctor you trust. One who can properly document all your injuries accurately and answer the questions that will arise. If you do not see a physician within 14 days from the date of your accident, your health insurance becomes the primary payer for your injuries related to the accident. This will undoubtedly cause more people to obtain attorneys to properly navigate through this nightmare.

Also, if not diagnosed with an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC) you will only have $2,500 of personal injury protection benefits to treat your injuries, not the $10,000 you pay premiums for. It will be very important to document any and all injuries that were a result of your accident.

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