Kinesiology Taping is a great additive therapy for chiropractic treatment.

At Seminole Spine, we use Rock tape which is made from cotton, nylon, and an acrylic adhesive. This tape is applied to the skin directly to assist with pain, body mechanics/ posture, swelling, and bruising.

Research shows that it has three primary effects:

Fluid effect: The tape is stretched and assists in decompressing the skin and lifting fascia, the connective tissue that incases our muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. This allows for the lymphatic system to drain more efficiently.

Neurologic effect: The tape helps decrease pain due to decreased pressure on the nerve receptors and drainage of inflammation. This also enhances your awareness of where your body is. This plays a major role in posture and joint proprioception. When combined with therapeutic exercises this can impact muscle firing patterns, balance, and coordination.

Mechanical effect: When the tape is applied this also sends a tactile stimulus to the brain via stretch and pressure receptors. In addition to mechanical decompression assisting in how the layers of tissue slide against one another. This change in mechanical input is a specific sensory change and is interpreted as such. This results in a different output from the brain. This can decrease pain and discomfort where the tape is applied.


For more information check out RockTape’s official website